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My name is Laura Pascoe, and I am a certified birth doula (CD) and independent consultant providing expertise to individuals, companies, and organizations on evidence-based strategies to advance gender equality and health for all and prevent violence in all its forms.

My story

I am located in White River Junction, in the Upper Valley of Vermont, where I live with my two kids and partner. I feel so grateful to call this wonderful community and region of the world my home. 


I am a doula, researcher, educator, writer, and practitioner. Through my personal and professional contributions, my goal is to leverage evidence to contribute more love, healing, understanding, resilience, joy, and well-being in the world.

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As a doula: The birth experience is one that stays with you, regardless of how it happens. Having had the privilege to support people in labor and birth, and also to experience the invaluable support of a doula for my own births, I know the difference such support and expertise can bring regardless of the outcome of the birth.


I became a doula in 2016 and love providing evidence-based and compassionate support to my clients (and partner, if applicable). My services are inclusive to all people. I find great joy in connecting with people one-on-one, helping couples bond through the pregnancy and birth experience, and providing comfort and support in the postpartum period so families can thrive. 

As a consultant: I have a Master’s in Community Development and a PhD in Human Geography and have dedicated my career to designing, implementing, and documenting evidence-based social and health solutions to advancing gender equality, and strengthening others' capacity to do the same.


My consulting work is grounded in the recognition that there is a lot of untapped and underutilized good in the world. My work advances strategic, evidence-informed, innovative, and engaging ways to better leverage this potential so that men, women, and people of all genders can feel liberated from harmful gender norms, supported by the systems that surround us, and together we can work towards a peaceful, just, equal, sustainable, and caring world for all. 

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 I have international expertise in the areas of gender equality, inclusion and belonging, organizational development and healing, masculinities, gender-based violence prevention and response, sexual and reproductive health and rights, birth and maternal health, and disabilities.


My experience working in these fields translates incredibly well to my doula work and vice versa!

I recently helped to publish a must-have book for those who birth and those who support them—more info here!

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